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Tomy Takara ToLNe Camera

The Tolne camera from Takara Tomy, launched in 2007. Obivously, this is a toy camera since is from Tomy. Takes 35mm film and have a built in flash as well. Packaged with 3 filters (Fog/ Triple/ Sepia) and a film frame. 'ToLNe': I'm gonna take you a picture! Are you ready?

-Plastic Lens, f8
-Shutter speed 1/250
-Focus Range: 1m - Infinity
-Film size: 35mm
-Dimension: 110 x 90 x 50mm 
-Weight: 160g (without battery ad film)  
Accessories Included:
-3 Filters (FOG, TRIPLE & SEPIA)
-1 Contact (Film Frame)
-1 User Manual

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