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Superheadz Hello Kitty Golden Half Camera

For Hello Kitty fans, this is Hello Kitty version of Golden Half Camera. You gotta be kidding me man! Will not have to worrying about using too much film because it is 72 pictures in a roll now. This camera only takes half of the film, so don't try to enlarge your picture too much otherwise grain will show. You will now going to love this relationships with frames make with each other. Two random pictures go together will tell a different story. Try it and you will now how amazing this will happen! Drop a flash in your camera bag since it has a built in hot shoe.


- Focus: F = 22mm
- Aperture: F8 - 11
- Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec
- Shooting Range: 1.5m to infinite
- Film Type: 35mm
- Film Advance / Rewind manually
- Photo Size: 24 x 18mm
- Film Counter: 72 images maximum
- Dimensions: 3 x 3"
Accessories included:
- 1 35mm Color Film
- 1 Camera Strap
- 1 English Manuel