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SuperHeadz Golden Half Camera

It may be half the size but this still plays with the big boys. The Half refers to the half frames that the camera captures. Half frame means that when you put a roll of 36 exposure film into the Golden Half, you'll actually get 72 pictures. You'll be quite carefree when shooting with it, but still shooting film. It wasn't until we got our hands on this little beaut that we realised how seriously cool camera it is. When your film is developed and printed you'll see two half frame images on each of your full-frame prints. This gives you a lot more possibilities, as sometimes two photos fit better together then apart. You can start to tell micro stories in two frames and you'll be thrilled to find connections - unexpected, and planned between the shots giving greater insight into your photography. The camera is pocket sized so you can always have it with you so you'll never again miss an opportunity to capture a great shot. This camera has a hot shoe too, so you can add a flash and turn the Golden Half into a shoot anytime, take anywhere little monster. There are two apertures - f/11 for super sunny days and when you're using flash and f/8.5 so cloudier days. The shutter and lens are fixed a 1/100 sec and 2mm respectively. Shoot subjects between 1.5 meters and infinity and always have crisp focus. Pack includes- Golden Half half sized 35mm Camera 1 roll of 35mm colour film. Lens dust cap. And remember 12 exp = 24 pictures, 24 exp - 48 pictures and 36 exp - 72 pictures.

6 Color Style: Original / Black Mountain / Red Tree / Green Tree / Telepathy / Zebr

- Focus: F = 22mm
- Aperture: F8 - 11
- Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec
- Shooting Range: 1.5m to infinite
- Film Type: 35mm
- Film Advance / Rewind manually
- Photo Size: 24 x 18mm
- Film Counter: 72 images maximum
- Dimensions: 3 x 3"
Accessories included:
- 1 35mm Color Film
- 1 Camera Strap
- 1 English Manuel

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