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Macbook Pro 15" / 15.4" Hard Case / Keyboard Skin + Protector + Bag - MATTE, Rubberized

For Macbook user, this is the Macbook MATTE, Rubberized hard protection case. Makes perfect protection, prevent your lovely Macbook from getting scratches. Also perfect cutouts for all ports and hookups for the computer. Comes with keyboard skin avoid dust getting into your Mac. Cleaning this keyboard cover is not hard at all, because it is completely washable. If you or your family have more than one Macbook, different colors choice are available from us, so you can tell apart their computers. Absolutely Incredible price for this quality of product!

Please selected the keyboard you preferred before checking out. Two types of keyboard are available: US Keyboard skin or UK Keyboard skin. For US Keyboard, the "Enter" key is in rectangle and for UK Keyboard, the "Enter" Key is in "L" shape. If there is no note, we will mail US Keyboard skin as the default. Thanks! Take a careful look on the detail pictures provided!


MacBook Hard Case 15"
- Material : PC  
- Weight :Approx . 437 g
- Size : Approx . 37 cm x 25 cm 
Keyboard Cover Skin
- Material : TPU
- Weight : Approx . 12.6 g
- Size : Approx . 28.1 cm x 11.4 cm
Compatible With :   
- 15" / 15.4" Apple MacBook Pro ( Late 2008 or Later)
Model No: A1286, 
Order No: 
MB470LL/A or MB471LL/A (released in Oct. 2008) or 
MC026LL/A (released in March 2009) or 
MC118LL/A or MB985LL/A or MB986LL/A (released in June 2009) or 
MC371LL/A or MC372LL/A or MC373LL/A (released in April 2010) or 
MC721LL/A or MC723LL/A (released in Feb. 2011) or 
MD318LL/A or MD322LL/A (released in Oct. 2011).
** Please Check your Macbook model on http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4132 to match the model number **