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iPad 2 / iPad 3 Smart Cover

This is the smart cover for all the ipad owner. Way cheaper than you purchase from the Apple store. This product does a fine job just like the genuine smart cover. It folds perfectly and can also hold the weight of your iPad to give you the perfect viewing angle. Easy to attach with magnetic hinges and very convenient to use. It turns on and off with the cover, so no need to keep pressing the button. With the array of colors available, you will certainly find a color that suits your palette! Remember it is a "cover" not a case. Whoever designed this cover is a genius!

**It is a third party product.**

Specification :
- Material: PU
- Highest quality in fit, styling and protection
- Stand out from the crowd
- New, bold, sexy and hot low profile protector for your device
- Automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad
- Size: ~ 24 x 19 cm
- Weight: ~ 146g
Compatible with :
- iPad 2, iPad 3 / New iPad

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