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Holga Samsung Galaxy S II Lens & Filter Turrent SLFT-GS2


It is like Oh my God! For Samsung Galaxy S II Android fans, you do not need anymore apps or waste anymore time editing your photos in your computer. Just simply slips this Holga Special Lens Effect Kit onto your Galaxy S II like an old school phone, dial in the special effect you prefered and take some kick ass pictures! With its hard plastic, this cover can prevent scratches.

Special Effect:
1 ) Blue Filter with Clear Center
2 ) Dual Image Lens 
3 ) Triple Image Lens 
4 ) Quadruple Image Lens 
5 ) 60mm Macro Lens 
6 ) Empty Hole 
7 ) Red Filter with Clear Heart Shape Center
8 ) Red Filter
9 ) Green Filter 
10 ) Yellow Filter with Clear Center

Accessories included :
- 1 Lens Cap
- 1 Manual