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Holga K-200NM / FEL 135 Camera - 4 Colors

The Holga K200NM Camera is a 35mm film camera. It comes with the built in flash with color filter in front of it. As well with the built in hot shoe that you can mount your fisheye viewfinder on it which easier for shooting. The package also comes with the fisheye Lens for getting fisheye effect on your photos. Flick the switch to "MX" mode for multiple exposure for multiple exposure photogrphy. With all those accessories, the skills of shooting will be infinite. Be creative, have your own style!

-Plastic Optical Lens, f/8 35mm
-Leaf Shutter, speed 1/100 sec
-35mm Format Color or Black/White film 
-ASA 100 /ISO 21 or ASA 400/ISO 27 speed
-Eye level, Direct and Fisheye view finder
-Fixed focusing 
-One AA Batteries required for Flash
-Size: 137mm x 53mm x 75mm
-Weight: 143g w/o batteries
Accessories Included:
- 1 Fisheye Lens FEL-135K
- 1 Fisheye Viewfinder
- 1 Lens Dust Bag
- 1 Hand Strap
- 2 Fisheye Lens Cover
- 1 English Manual

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