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Holga K-200NM Fisheye Lens + Viewer Finder + Lomo 135mm Flash Film Camera

1. Fish eye images
An optional Fish Eye Lens is available for creating fish eye
images. And, an optional Fish Eye View Finder, which can
be mounted to the Hot Shoe of the camera, is also available
to help in the picture of the composition of fish eye images.
Fish Eye Lens (FEL-135K), this is a special effect lens with
such a wide angle that will be extremely distorted in a very
interested way in the resulting image.

2. Selecting colour filter for flash
There are five color filters, namely red, blue, yellow,
green and diffuser available for changing the color
of the white daylight emitted by the flash.

3. Multiple exposure
This camera is equipped with a multiple exposure button
to bring the joy of multiple exposure. Whenever multiple
exposures are called for, push the Multiple exposure button
gently to the other side after an exposure has been done.
This will release the shutter, which would otherwise be
locked in the same film. Repeat the action until the series
of multiple exposures is completed.

4. Use of shutter release cable
When extended exposure is desired or when even slight
jerking of the camera is displayed, the shutter release
cable (available separately as an option). To install the
optional shutter release cable, simply screw the
screw-threaded end of the cable into the socket
for shutter release cable.

- This is a film camera using format 35mm film. The camera 
is designed with fisheye lens and fisheye viewer to get more 
special effects, this special effect lens with such a wide angel 
that will be extremely distorted in a very interested way in
the resulting image. It is an interesting camera. It has a very 
ordinary plastic body, but it opens up unlimited possibilities 
of creativity. Starting from the first day you own this camera, 
you are on an extraordinary journey to the new frontiers of 
your photography. The HOLGA K-200NM film camera 
carries its unique plastic imperfection for Lomo, creative 
visual expression.

- The camera is equipped with a built-in flash light. There 
are Five color filters, namely, red, blue, yellow, green and 
diffuser available for changing the color of the white 
daylight emitted by the flash.

Brand: Holga
Condition: New
Colours: Blue, Yellow, Red & Black
Lens: 35mm
Aperture: f/8
Focus type: Fixed
Film format: 35mm
Type: 135mm format
A type: Point & shoot
Focusing: Fixed focus
Film: 135 type color or black / white film of
ASA 100/ ISO 21 or ASA 400/ ISO 27 speed
Viewfinder: Eye level, direct viewer finder
Battery: 1 x AA 1.5V battery (no included)
Weight: 143g without battery
Dimensions: 137mm x 53mm x 75 mm
Region of manufacture: China
MPN: Does not apply
UPC: 856960002390

- Holga K-200NM film camera x 1 piece
- Fisheye viewer x 1 piece
- Fisheye lens x 1 piece
- Camera bag x 1 piece
- Carry strap x 1 piece
- User manual x 1 piece