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Holga Fisheye Lens for NON-SLR Camera

Holga now is also invented this Fisheye Lens (FEL-HLW). It is designed for non-SLR Digital camera lens only. No additional modification necessary other than simply attach this fisheye lens to your non- SLR Digital camera lens will gives you a vignetting effect just like Holga camera. The angle of view is up to 170 degree which is extraordinarily wide. Producing fantastic images is not a problem in extreme distortion especially in micro and macro photography, the effect is fabulous!

- Material : plastic
- Angle of View : 170 degree
- Weight : ~ 70g (Without caps), ~ 80g (With caps)
Compatible with:
- Digital Holga Lens: HL(W)-SN, HL(W)-SSN, HL(W)-OP, HL(W)-PLG
Accessories included:
- 1 Lens bag
- 2 Lens cap 
- 1 Manual