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Holga 2.5X K200NM Tele Lens (HT-25K)

Get a closer view with this Holga Tele Lens! This lens is suitable for K-200NM or K-200N camera. The lens allows you to increase the focal length of the camera make it closer to your object. In addition, works on Holga Instax adapter as well, get a tele look on your Instax photo. Even comes with a lens bag to avoid dust.

- Construction: 2 Groups of 1 element each
- Magnification: 2.5X
- Length & Largest Diameter: 27mm x 49mm
- Weight: Approx. 36g
Compatible with: 
- Holga K-200N and Holga K-200NM
- Holga Instax Adapter
Accessories included:
- 2 Lens Cap
- 1 Lens Dust Bag
- 1 English Manual