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Holga 160S Mini Slave Color Flash ( 7 Color )

This guy right here will add fill flash into your photograph, great for photography party to let create extra lighting effect. With 5 colors filters (diffuser, red, blue, yellow, and green), you will no longer need to tape gels in front of you flash, splash your photos with colors! Comes with MB-120 mounting bracket for those Holga camera without hot shoe. Short recycling time is one of the advantage on this flash, it only takes around 4-6 seconds.

- Guide Number: 12(ISO 100, Metre)
- Light ANgle: 50 degree Horizontal/ 40 degree Vertical
- Color Temperature: 5600K
- Flash Duration: 4-6 Seconds
- Power Source: 2 "AA" Size Alkaline Batteries
- Battery Life: About 200 flashes per replacement
- Dimension:80x 61x 34mm
- Weight: 65g
Compatible with:
- Holga 120GCFN, 120CFN, 120GFN, 120FN, 120GTLR, 120TLR
- Any camera with hot shoe
Accessories included:
- 1 Mounting Bracket (MB-120)