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Holga 135 TIM Camera / 12S Flash - 5 Color

"Say cheese" to the Holga 135 TIM Camera! The smiley face on the camera is the first impression for 135 TIM camera. The eyes of this 135 TIM camera are two independent lenses which can operate the individually or together. With one lens (eye) open, it only take half frame of the 35mm film in order to make the 36 exp film up to 72 exp film if you only use one lens till the end of the film. On the other hand, open both lenses (eyes), you can shoot 3D images or take two identical pictures at the same time by flicking the switch to multiple exposure. 


-Type: 135
-Lens: f/8 29mm
-Aperture: f8, f11, f22
-Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec.
-Film to be Used: 135 color film or Black/White film 
-ASA 100/ISO 21 or ASA 400/ISO 27 speed
-Film Specification: 24mm x 18mm X 2
-Center-line-positioned eye level direct view finder
-Fixed focus
-Size: 208mm x 103mm x 45mm
-Weight: 160g
-Standard tripod mount
Accessories Included:
-1 Hand Strap
-1 English Manual