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Holga 12S Color Flash

Take a peek on this guy right here! Cute isn't it? This Holga 12S camera flash is a perfect match for your Holga 135TIM camera. No need to say "cheese" before taking pictures, just by looking at this flash, everyone will smile in front of you before you snap a shot. This flash also suitable for any camera with hot shoe. Five different colors of filters to change which are the Diffuser, blue, red, yellow, and green. Way worth the money! 

-Guide No. (ISO 100, m): 12
-Power Source: 1 pc. "AA" Battery
-Coverage Angle: Hoz. 60 deg , Vert. 50 deg
-Color Temperature: 5,600 deg K
-Recycle Time: 6-8 sec.
-No. of flashes/replacement of battery: 180 
-Flash Duration: 1/1000 sec.
Suitable for: 
- Holga 135 BC / 135TIM / 120N / 120GN
- All Camera equipped with "Hot Shoe"
Accessories included:
- 1 English Manual