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Holga 120 GTLR Camera - 6 Color

The main characteristics of this camera is this 120 GTLR camera is a Twin Lens system camera. By popping up the waist level viewfinder, you will able to see what you are shooting. Also, with the glass lens, helps you to get a sharper image. As well the built in 4 color splash flash, you will able to get some awesome photos!


-Glass Optical Lens, f/8 60mm
-Two aperture setting: f/11 (sunny), f/8 (cloudy) 
-Leaf Shutter, speed 1/100 sec & 'B' mode for long exposure
-120 Format Color or Black/White film
-ASA 100/ISO 21 or ASA 400/ISO 27 speed
-Eye level & Waist level finder 
-Adjustable focusing
-G.N. of Flash: 12 (ASA 100/DIN 21, m)
-Two AA Batteries required for Flash
-Size: 140x 120x 76mm
-Weight: 266g w/o batteries
-Standard tripod Mount 

Accessories included:
- 1 Take up spool
- 2 Film Frame Mask (6x6cm) & (6x4.5cm)
- 1 Camera Strap 
- 1 English Manual
- 1 Lens Cap

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