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Holga 120 GN Camera / 12MFC Flash - 3 Color

Holga 120 GN camera is same as 120 N besides the lens. Even though 120 GN had the same features as 120N it is a glass lens Camera. Glass lens provides strong sharpness in the center of the shot which gives you nice effect. With the built in hot shoe, you can mount your external flash or viewfinder on it. 

-120 type without built-in flash
-Glass optical Lens, f/8 60mm 
-Two aperture setting: f/11 (sunny), f/8 (cloudy)
-Leaf shutter, speed 1/100 second & 'B' for long exposures
-120 Medium Format Film (color negative, Black and white)
-ASA 100/ISO 21 or ASA 400/ISO 27 speed

-Adjustable focusing
-G.N. of Flash: N/A
-Poser for Flash: N/A 
-Eye level or direct viewfinder
-Size: W140mm x H102mm x D76mm
-Weight: 200g (without batteries)
-Standard Tripod Mount
12MFC Flash
-Guide No. (ISO 100, m):12
-Power Source: 1 pcs. "AA" Battery
-Converage Angle: Hoz. 60 deg, Vert. 50 deg- Color Temperature: 5,6000 deg K
-Recycle Time: 6-8 sec.
-No. of flashes/ replacement of battery: 180
-Flash Duration: 1/1000sec


Accessories included:
- 2 Film Frame Mask (6x6cm) & (6x4.5cm)
- 1 Camera Strap 
- 1 English Manual
- 1 Lens Cap
- 1 Hand Strap

Holga 120 GN Camera Manual: Download (PDF) 2.27MB
Holga 120 Advance Knob Label for 135 films: Download (JPG) 513KB

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