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Holga 120 & 135 series Camera Filter Set

This is definitely a fun little filter kit for your Holga 120 or 135 series camera. Splash some colors into your pictures especially when you are using black and white film, the pictures will have dramatic effect. Since there is a lot of colors filters in it, seriously take some time to try all of those. You may go crazy and intoxicated! FYI, it is come with the filter holder, you do not need to purchase separately. Three individual soft cases to hold all of your filters.

Suitable for:
-All Holga 120 series camera: 120N, 120GN, 120FN, 120GFN, 120CFN, 120GCFN, 120TLR, 120GTLR, 120PC
-Holga 135 series: 135BC, 135BC TLR
Package Included:
- 1 Lens Filter Holder LFH-120
- 4 x Filters: Color Filter Set CFS-120
- 4 x Filters: Soft Surround Filter Set SSFS-120
- 3 x Lens: Split Image Lens Set SILS-120

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