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HiTi Photo Pack for S series Printer 50 Prints

You are looking at the HiTi YMCO Ribbon Cartridge with 50 prints with 2 packs of 25 sheets each 4 X 6 Photo Paper. HiTi used the new generation of dye-sublimation printing gives high gloss, full colors and durability of the prints. This Photo Paper Pack is designed for HiTi Photo Printer S series (S420, S400). The transparent resin layer (Magic Coating) helps to protect the photos in case you accidentally spill something on it, you can simply wipe it off with a wet rag without damaging the photos!

- Maximum printing size: 4" X 6" ( 101 X 153 mm )
- Paper size: 4 X 7 inches with perforated edges
- Dimension: 193 X 122 X 50 mm
- Weight: 0.34g
Suitable for:
- HiTi Photo Printer S series (S420, S400)
- Temperature under 75°F (25°C), relative humidity between 40%
  and 60% RH, away from sunlight and dust.
Package included: 
- 2 Photo Paper 4 x 6 (25 sheets each)
- 1 YMCO ribbon cartridge (capable of 50 prints)

**Please make sure "CN" is written on the back of your printer to match the Ribbon Cartridge**