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Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Monochrome

Fujifilm just brought its Instax instant film into the world of black-and-white
photography with the unveiling of its new Instax Mini Film Monochrome.

“The ‘Instax Mini Film Monochrome’ responds to the increasingly sophisticated
demands of users,” Fujifilm says, “enabling them to expand the artistic potential
of their photographic expression and adding a further dimension of fun to using
Instax cameras and films.”

- Includes 10-frame, printable instax monochrome film.
- Expands the potential for artistic, fashion and street photography.

Fujifilm is committed to offering new products and services that meet
various consumer needs by leveraging innovative technological advancements.
Fujifilm is also dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of photography
worldwide, and encourages users to experience the value of shooting,
preserving, displaying and gifting photo images that deliver the
message of “enrich your life with photographs.”

- Colour: Black & White
- Finish: Glossy & White frame attached.
- Compatible Brand: Fujifilm, Polaroid, Sofort
- A new product from Fujifilm “instax mini film Monochrome”
- A new film that expands the possibilities of photographic
  expression using instax film

Fujifilm Instax Polaroid Camera:
Mini 7 / 7S / 8 / 10 / 25 / 30 / 20i / 30i / 25i / 50i / 55i / 50S / 70 / 90 /
Instax Share SP-1, 2 / Polaroid 300 / Sofort

- Brand: Fujifilm
- Product Name: Instax Mini Film Monochrome
- Finish: Glossy
- Colour: Black & White
- Frame Design: White Edge
- Place of Origin: Japan
- Film Size: 86 x 54mm
- Picture Size: 62 x 46mm
- Number of Prints: 10 per pack
- Expiration date: At least one year from the
   date of purchase