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Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Camera - Blue & White

Come on no longer just White color for our Mini 25! Yay! Two more color style in our store for everyone to choose. Well, everyone should not miss this Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Camera. The curvy shape design is all like "Dang! That's Hot!" Lightweight is the advantage for this camera. Also, the camera included self shoot mirror in the front that makes it easier for self portrait. Share with your friends. This is just the ideal camera for party! What a cute little Japanese camera!

-Auto-Exposure mode (no need to change settings)
-Intelligent flash (won't blow out your background)
-Two shutter buttons, one for landscape, one for portrait
-Focuses from 50cm to infinity
-Attached close-up lens for focusing from 30cm
-Uses two CR2 batteries
-Darken/Lighten adjustment
-Weight around 275g
-2" thick
-Built-in self-shoot mirror
Accessories Included:
- 2 CR2 Batteries 
- 1 Close-up Lens 
- 1 Japanese Manual
- 1 Hand Strap