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Fujifilm Fujicolor SUPER G 110 Color Film ( 2 Rolls )

This is a package of 2 rolls Fujicolor CA110 Film

Fujicolor Super G CA110 is a 110 Format Color Film Roll with 24 exp. Daylight color negative film with ISO speed rating of 100.

Suitable for all types of 110 format camera such as:
-Holga Micro 110 Camera
-Superheahz Demekin Fisheye Camera
-Superheadz Book Camera
-Superheadz Ikimono Camera
-Other 110 Format Camera 
Format: 110
No of exposure: 24
ISO: 100
Light Source: Daylight 
Film size: 13x17mm
Process: Fujifilm Processes CN-16,C-41 

Expire at: May 2011 ( *still can be use around 3 years )