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Disney Mini Photo Album for Fujifilm Mini Instant Film

It is always fun to carry your instax camera everyday.
Specially taking pictures with your Disney characters
Mini instax film. So, we have this Disney photo album
ready for you to store all the mini instax photos in
this little photo album. Perfect fit your mini instax
photos in it and makes perfect protection as well.
Also, this photo album is good to store your credit
cards or your business cards.

Material: PVC
Album size: 19 cm x 11 cm x 2 cm
Holds 60 Pictures (3 pics x 20 pages)

- Instax Mini 7, 7s, 10, 20, 30i, 55i, 25, 50s,
Polaroid 300, MP300 (Instax Mini Pictures)
- Name Card
- Credit Card