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Deli Mini Photo Album

I bet everyone does have tons of fun on your Instax Mini camera. Properly got lots of pictures bothering you, need to find a photo album to store all of them. This photo album comes with five subjects, you can sort all your Mini instax pictures in order. Share the pics right away with your friends. Refresh all the memories from the last road trip or party whenever you take this photo album out! Also, this photo album is good to store your credit cards or your business cards. With the elastic band to keep your instax photos safely.

- Material:  PVC
- Album size: 13.5 cm x 19 cm x 3cm
- Pocket size: 66mm x 92mm
- Holds 120 photos (6 pics x 20 pages) + 5 subjects
Suitable for:
- instax Mini 7, 7s, 10, 20, 30i, 55i, 25, 50s, Polaroid 300, MP300 (Instax Mini pictures)
- Name Card
- Credit Card


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