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Airvita Q Fresh Air Purifier Cleaning Anion Ozone Ionizer Anti Virus Allergy

Health starts from the air.

Today's people spend about 80-90% of their time inside.
That is why the atmosphere of living spaces is important

Indoor air contains formaldehyde that causes sick house
syndrome, dust and pollutants that may cause allergies
and sneezes, and influenza viruses that may be dangerous
for children who are immunodeficient.

Airvita Q uses electric less than a small light bulb even if
you use it 24hours a day for the entire month. It releases
more than 2 million anions per 1 cc and provides
refreshing air like being in a forest.





-126mm x 112m x 104 mm


- Airvita Q Air Purification Unit x 1 piece
- Power Supply x 1 piece
- Korean User's Guide x 1 piece