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Airvita AirStick Car Fresh Air Ionic Purifier Oxygen Bar Ozone Ionizer

- AIRVITA was certified by CE, FCC, ISO, TUV, KAA
(Corporation Aggregate Korea Atopy Association)

- It use electric less than a small light bulb even if
  you use it 24hours a day for the entire month.

- Releases more than 2 million anions per 1cc and
  provides refreshing air like being in a forest.



- 99.9% Sterilization power
- USB port / 180° Adjustable angle
- Easy control design, the neat design
- Anti-virus function / Influenza virus killing functions
- Improvement of allergies & Strengthen pulmonary function
- Removal of bacteria & toxic substance and influenza A virus (H5N1)


Item size: 138mm x 45mm x 45mm

- AirStick car air purification unit x 1 piece
- Korean user's guide x 1 piece