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Fujifilm Instax Wide White Edge Instant Film

- The instax 210's easy-to-load cartridge delivers
ten superb wide format instant photos. Instax
film ensures sharp, clear reproduction, vivid
colour and natural skin tones.
- This Fujifilm Instax Wide Film is in twin pack.
It is just enough for those person who wants to
take their unforgettable memory away with them.
The film itself gives you a clear and sharp color.
It is around twice bigger than the credit card size
which you do not any magnifying glasses to view
them. This film developed quick enough to entertain
your kids, friends, and family as they watch and
share with them right away. This film is worth
every single penny for you with no regret!

- Fujifilm instax wide instant camera 210/ 200/ 300

Brand: Fujifilm
Film Speed: ISO 800/30°
Type: Wide Instant Film
Colour: Daylight Type (5500K)
Finish: Glossy
Frame Design: White Edge
Place of Origin: Japan
Film Size: 108mm x 86mm
Picture Size: 99mm x 62mm
** Expiration date: At least one year from
the date of purchase **

- Fujifilm Instax Wide White Edge Instant Film x 1 Box (20 sheets)