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Twin Lens Reflex Camera 35mm TLR Lomo DIY Kit - Yellow Black

- DIY film camera is a light-grabbing sport.
- Uses standard film and standard processing.
- Quick shutters, small apertures, fast subjects.
- The film camera come and create a full-action mini movie.
- The LOMO film camera upload your masterpiece to lomography.

- Twin-lens reflex camera seventy years ago has been
well received by senior photography enthusiasts of all
ages. Fifty years after the world had also once the pet
professional photography news, as the film area, and
the machine is relatively lightweight, functional and
practical, yet durable, widely used in fashion,
advertising and portrait photography, landscape
photography, became very popular universal models.
Older generation of photographers who has ever owned,
used, loved about it, it is still a soft spot. Building a
camera from scratch is always a great way to learn
about how a camera works, something that they just
don't teach kids in art school any longer. This camera
is easy to carry and use. You'll know how to make a TLR
camera by your own two hands, and also know how does
the shutter work. It's a great learning kit and you can use
it to take photos!! You can find tons of video and useful
information from internet!! How to adjust the shutter?
How to take photo? How to load and rewind the film?
Anything about this camera, you can find it too.

Brand: Unbranded
Condition: New
Model: Twin lens reflex
Colour: Yellow
Material: ABS, hard plasticĀ 
Multiple exposure
Focus distance: 47 cm
Use 135 film (optional)
Shutter speed: 1 / 125 sec.
Focus Range: from 50cm to infinity
F value (aperture value): 6 (opening hours) 12 (atresia)
Dual anti-TLR camera assembly (horizontal position on
the waist viewfinder)
Item size: 256mm x 148mm x 8mm (Open)
Item weight: 450g
MPN: Does not apply
EAN: Does not apply

- Twin lens reflex DIY camera kit x 1 set
- English Instruction manual x 1 piece