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Bill Cunningham's snapshot approach for taking pictures is pretty cool. He doesn't take picture in every possible second. He only allows his surroundings to provide the photos; and he will only takes the shot when he feels like it.

Written by Holgadget Team — August 15, 2012



If you are using a Camera Phone. . . . then you should be sviang your pics on a memory card. . . . and it is this that you will need to take along to the store for printing. . . . You can take this out when you get to the store and pop it in whatever type of machine they are using. Most Kiosk-type machines are very easy to use and usually self service. . . . although there is usually a friendly member of staff somewhere close by who will be willing to give you a hand if required!The price you pay per print varies a lot from store to store, so it is worth shopping around to get the best deal! Also, the price per print decreases the more prints you have done. You will also pay more for your prints if you require them fast. Usually opting for next day, or 3-day service is a better option!Hope this Helps!. . . . . Happy Snapping!

September 16 2012 at 08:09 AM

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