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Do you know where is Enschede? It is in the Netherlands! You may think Enschede is a rich place with a lot of tulips; Well..you are wrong! Enschede used to be a busy industrial town but it is now a poor industrial wasteland.

Polaroid shut downed its factory in 2008, and it is now take overed by IMPOSSIBLE.

We sourced the IMPOSSIBLE films directly from the IMPOSSIBLE manufacturer and quoted you the best price you can't get at any other store. Support local business, Support Holgadget!! 

So.. what's your favor IMPOSSIBLE film? Our staffs' favor is the PX 100 Silver Shape. Its classic yellowish combined with Black & White is so irresistible!!!

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Written by Holgadget Team — June 27, 2012



this made my day but basically I rezlaie this probably is just a matter of change in availability not price, but I have not experience in any kind of business so I truly would not know. I hope we can get some film that doesn’t cost twice what it should cost. i should probably buy a cheap 600 film polaroid soon. (i probably should just post about this on my own blog.)

September 16 2012 at 08:09 AM

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