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Sometime, a special effect for holga only required 2 piece of vini tape!!


 What you need: your Holga, a roll of film, vini tape and a scissors.

1. Remove the plastic film mask from your Holga camera, cut 2 pieces of vini tape to the same length as the film mask

2. Replace the plastic film mask with those tapes

3. Load your film as usual and go shoot. Keep in mind that you are shooting half-frame.

4. When you finish your first shot, roll your film advance knob over just a little bit and take your shot again.

5. Repeat step 4 until you finished the whole roll of film.

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Written by holgdaget Webmaster — February 23, 2012



I do have the older 3G version and used the LB2 beofre. Those need you to bend and hold still beofre firing. The composer allows you to move the lens to the position you want and it will stay still, and the focus ring in front allows you to fine tune the focus. This makes focusing’ faster and the reason I went for it is because I wanna use it more for street photography. Oh well maybe I’m wrong but I’ll just take a risk. Lol. I recently picked up a dirt cheap Original LB for my old Nikon SLR too. Haven’t got time to test it out yet.

June 13 2012 at 08:06 PM

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