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A simple mask within your holga can create impressive effect. We want to share with you 2 most popular techniques we learned from our customers.

First, a transparent plastic mask within your holga is as simple as it can got.

All you need are: a brand new photocopy-able transparent paper/Overhead Projector paper, your photocopier, scissors, your Holga, you and some film.
Step 1. Photocopy whatever graphic onto the transparent paper. 

Step 2. Cut out enough of that transparent paper to cover your holga's plastic mask .

Step 3. Stick in your mask into the back of your Holga. 

Step 4. Cover it up and start using your Holga to take picture.

If you don't like plastic, you can try it with paper!!!

Here is a STEP BY STEP PUZZLE-mask made with paper.

what you need: your holga, the 2 puzzle-masks (provided here), scissors, sticky tape, and two rolls of 120 film.

Step 1: Remove the back of your Holga. Cut out the puzzle-frame masks we provided. They should fit perfectly into the Holga, in front of where the film will scroll.

Step 2: Fix the 1st puzzle-mask in with a bit of sticky tape. Load your film and you are ready to shoot.
Repeat the process with the 2nd puzzle-mask – and shoot another film. You need to do this to create 2 very different jigsaw pieces. Otherwise, they will not fit together. 
Step 3: After you develop your shots just cut around the puzzle shape.
There you have it – all the pieces to make a Holga pizzle.

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Written by holgdaget Webmaster — February 23, 2012



I love this. If there was any chance I would be able to acalulty do this, I would join you. But seeing as I have at least two (maybe three?) photo-a-day failures under my belt, I’m kinda scared to even try. BUT I’m so glad you are!! And YAY to no rules!

June 11 2012 at 01:06 AM

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